My name is Alison and I currently work in Advertising – but my real love is old stuff. From chairs, to paintings, to weird taxidermy, I love vintage furniture and antiques – and especially enjoy hunting down these gems from all over, getting great bargains and giving them a new lease of life.

I am going to use this blog to collate some of the fab finds I unearth at markets, antiques fairs, car boot sales and charity shops, as well as the best bargains I find on the high street for the home.

My family are Australian and someone who loves to have a ‘nose around’ (i.e. someone who is nosey) is called a Sticky Beak. It’s the perfect name for this blog as it describes me in any, and every, market, car boo,  shop, house, eBay; you name it, I am always keen for a snoop around on the hunt for exciting finds!

I so will share some of the pieces I find which I have restored for sale, as well as taking requests for any items people are seeking.

Let me know what you think!